My friends call me, Morganza.

First of all I love to draw, the one thing I wanted to be more than anything else was a Comic Book Artist, I remember looking at the comics of my youth knowing this is what I wanted to do.
My favorite artists include Neal Adams, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, Frank Cho, Tetsuo Hara, Brian Bolland, Alan Davis, Mark Shultz, and John Byrne. John Byrne was the artist at the time when I enjoyed comics the most and has been a major influence on me.

When I was 15 [1985-ish] I submitted some artwork to BlackThorne Publishing, at the time they made “How to Draw Robotech” book which my brother bought and I used to teach myself how to draw these figures, not long after I received a package in the mail from the Editor in Chief of BlackThorne publishing explaining that he thought my work had potential and sent me a script with professional art boards. This was the biggest deal of my life at the time and I was beyond goofy with excitement, the script was eight pages of Red Sonja, and I busted my ass trying to draw it the best I could. It was far from good but I sent it back to the Editor and received some good feedback, that little push got me hooked.

Some years Later [1992] I met a guy named Kris Silver who was a well known Independent Comic Publisher in my area at a local Comic Con, I showed him my work and he signed me up right there, I even sat down with him at the table and drew sketches. Kris wanted me to draw an Adult comic called, “The Last Wild Bitch”, something I was looking forward to. I did a full comic and a few pages of other stuff, but it was never published, I don’t blame him because the art was horrible.

I never really got that i wasn’t very good, but my enthusiasm was through the roof, and I guess that blinded me to the reality.

I continued to draw off and on over the years, never really sticking to it and progressing, I have only just begun to get serious about my art starting in 2007.

Here are some Published Books my Art has been in:
- Vamperotica Swimsuit #1 2000 [Pencil and Inked Pin-up's]
- Vamperotica Illustrated #1-3 2000[Pencil and Inked Pin-up's]
- Buxotica #1 2000[Pencil and Inked Pin-up's]
- Gold Digger Swimsuit #3 2002 [One Pin-up]
- Dave Cockrum Tribute book 2003 [Pencil breakdown of a pin-up] CLICK ME!

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