Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NBC's The Event review!

I was looking forward to this show for a while, but after the first episode I can say I hate it completely. How many flashbacks can you put into 40 minutes of one show, tune in and see, I lost track around 15. Seems like every 5 minutes there was a flashback to something, several story lines running at once, a lot of replay when the stories converged from the last point. Way overly complected storytelling!

As for the Story, it sucks, the "event" happens in the last 2 minutes of the show. A jumbo Jet disappears before crashing into the US president, and I could care less. I guess when I heard about the event, my mind came up with some wild ideas that had some global elements. These idiots obviously wanted to rape the Lost franchise and make something of their own, and this was the best they came up with.

I never write reviews for anything, but I am so sick of lame ass TV shows that don't even try to make something good anymore, just have a gimmick and make stories from it. NBC sucks.

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