Friday, May 24, 2013

The Last Wild Bitch - an unpublished fiasco

     I recently drew a commission for a guy [MOBY'S] who wanted GRIPS, originally he was emailing me to inquire about my association with Kris Silver of Silver Wolf comics and Greater Mercury comics. This all brought back memories, and it was my first experience at drawing a comic book, 28 pages.

So I met Kris Silver and a Comic Con in Orange County CA. in early 1992, I was making the rounds with my portfolio of scribbles, trying to gauge my abilities as an artist with feedback.

Back then I did not know a single person with any interests in drawing or comic books, everyone I knew did not know a thing about drawing but they insisted I was very good and that's not good for a growing artist. I needed to be challenged and critiqued to up my game and evolve, it was even harder for me because I am self taught so right off the bat I knew nothing about the academic side of art and floundered for many years trying to refine my art.

Anyway, Kris Silver hired me on the spot and invited me to sit at his table at the con, I was drawing sketches for people and giving away art from my portfolio, it was a great time. I was excited to get started, it never even occurred to me how I was to pull this off, I've never drawn a comic before, I also never inked anything before, all my work was in pencil at that time. It felt like everything I did on that comic was for the first time and it showed.

The comic was "The Last Wild Bitch", and it was XXX rated! I found out recently that Shane White was approached by Silver to draw this comic when he was on the Eradicators. Check out his story [HERE]

I found out Kris Silver lived close to me, I was in Grand Terrace and he lived in Highland, so I went over there often because I wanted to learn about the business. I learned he really loves his MAC, and wrote screenplays, but not so much about comics in general.

I have scanned 28 pages of this book, and I'm going to share with you the first 5 here. I was 21 when I drew this, I think I've improved a little! Some of the descriptions are vague, it's been over 20 years and there's no word balloons to follow the story.

Page 1 - Practice at the Dojo -

I tried to draw a fighting montage but failed, notice how I carefully designed the clothing to look like tight fitting spandex! DAY 1 I knew I was in trouble. I did all the inking with a very fine point Rapidograph pen, like I said, I never inked before this project. I think the only I did well on this page is the sound effects, and that's being generous.

Take note, there are no back grounds, because it will be on the test later, and reoccurring phenomenon.

Page 2/3 Double Splash

The first nude scene already! Cameo of Fat Ninja! This has everything except good art!

I don't remember what's happening here, I guess they just hit the showers. Notice my last name is gone from the credits, I got scared. HA!

Check out that perspective man, I plead insanity.

Page 4 - The BAD GUYS!

These jerks were fighting another gang in an alley, they are amped up with animal hormones or something like that.

I like the guy with the cool shades, just because.

Drawing people has always been hard for me but there's just no excuse for this.

Did I ever learn to draw clothing?


Page 5 - They get spotted!!
I got fancy on this page and added a zip-a-tone on panel 3, I'm proud of myself.

They ripped that guy in half for fuck sakes!

Check out dudes snake cane, it's off the chain.

Believe it or not, I have never drawn a car before doing this book, look how AWESOME it turned out!!!

Well that's it for now, if there is any interest in this I may post more pages~


  1. Please add more of the pages. All of them if you can!

  2. I'd also love to see the rest. -Aric