Saturday, April 8, 2017

Killjoy 5 movie pitch!

I made this a couple of years ago for fun, for fans of the KILLJOY movies.

Killjoy 5: Sandie's Revenge
By Morgan “Morganza” Welborn

SYNOPSIS: Continued from Killjoy 4... SANDIE is running away from KILLJOY and his posse, they follow SANDIE into an abandoned building and surround her. As the posse close in for the kill, SANDIE becomes angry and has no intention of going without a fight! FREAKSHOW attacks SANDIE with his conjoined twin, the attack is thwarted when SANDIE unleashes a magic blast from her hands and FREAKSHOW disappears, PUNCHY steps in to clobber SANDIE but is blasted into oblivion as well. SANDIE realizes her new powers must have something to do with being transported through the MAGIC MIRROR in CLOWN MODE, SANDIE laughs at KILLJOY and unleashes a primal scream as magic energy engulfs KILLJOY and BATTY BOOP making them disappear.

SANDIE decides to develop her new abilities in case KILLJOY returns, and develops a plan to free the souls of her lost friends ROJER, ZILLA, and ERICA from the prison that is KILLJOY. SANDIE learns how to conjure demons using her own blood, and summons counterparts to aid her. SHADOW the Wraith. LOVECRAFT the Incubus. TINY the Bohemmoth.

Meanwhile, in Hell, KILLJOY and his posse are trapped in a labyrinth and look for a magic mirror to return to Earth. They find one, but it malfunctions and transports a KILLJOY from another dimension to their location. This alternate KILLJOY is the Angel Vargas's version from the first movie! Both KILLJOY'S argue over who is the real Killjoy and challenge each other a contest of evil deeds. The Alternate KILLJOY is eventually defeated and sent back into the MAGIC MIRROR!

KILLJOY and his posse are found by LOVECRAFT who invite them into the MAGIC MIRROR, they transported to an old run-down big top circus tent, inside they find SANDIE standing center ring in a sexy Ringmasters outfit. SANDIE introduces her posse and they battle! SANDIE'S posse is defeated by their counterparts until it's just KILLJOY left, with her power dwindling, her final magical act is to release her imprisoned friends from KILLJOY. SANDIE loses the battle on purpose to enter KILLJOY'S soul prison, where she releases her friends and herself, and they escape back to Earth is their original physical bodies. KILLJOY'S chest implodes from losing 4 souls, he and the posse are sent back to hell, with his last words KILLJOY vows REVENGE!

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