Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Dark Side of Comics - Or - KIRK LINDO EXPOSED!!!

The Old Hose Job.

I see it becoming more frequent lately, but when you sign a deal to Write/ Draw a comic and come to find later that the person who employed you was less than honest and leaves you hanging it can be devastating. I've been through it, I know of dozens of others who have as well, and the only way it will stop it seems to me is to name names.

I tried this action before, and was met with resistance, as if it was a crime to name those who would cheat you and others. You expect people would want to know who's Bad News or who to Trust. But they give the argument that talking ill of others looks bad on you.

Back in 1999 I got a contract signed with Kirk Lindo at BrainStorm Comics to draw pin-up's for a few books, I was promised payment after the books hit the shelves, as the story goes Kirk Lindo stopped returning my phone calls and letters sent by Mail. He just disappeared. I drew over 30+ pin-up's and later found out he sold everyone of them on Ebay and kept that money on top of publishing my work. I even tried to file a small claims case, but he no longer (or never did0 have an office at the address in the comic, so I really had no recourse.

A year later I found out Kirk Lindo has done this to dozens of people, writers, artists, etc. over the years. And I thought if I had known about this guy I would have never submitted work to him, it was a hard lesson.

It is very important to know who you are working with, contracts mean nothing if they are not actionable, you need a physical address, phone number, meet in person if possible. Do some research, google works great!

It takes a real low life scumbag to seek out hopeful artists and writers and steal from them, and smile while doing it, so wake up cause they are out there and there's a lot more of them now.

So KIRK LINDO, you're on the list buddy!

I have spoken!

Morgan Welborn published in 2000 by Kirk Lindo/ Brainstorm comics/ Vamperotica 31 Pin-up's

Vamperotica Pin-Up Special #1 + 7 pin-up's

Vamperotica Illustrated #3 [No credit] + 4 pin-up's

Buxotica #1a Cover artist + 13 Pin-ups [No artist or contact info]

I started a new blog to highlight Deadbeats in comics


  1. Hey Morg, name names man, F the idiots who don't get that trash needs to be taken out or the entire industry becomes like a hoarders house. Just filled with useless garbage.

  2. There should be an online database for this, maybe it might happen less often.

  3. Man ,its good to get this out there.
    and sucks that got ripped off.

  4. Hey you PUNK ASS BITCH!!! What are you so AFFRAID of. Why did you hide my comments on your Deviant art page?

    Leave it our in the open DICK WEED!!

  5. WOW! First day on here and I'm already in a pissing contest with this crappy wanna-be artist who figured out that the only way that anyone will pay any attention to him is to talk crap about what? YES! another more successful artist!

    From what I can tell this guy MORGANZA (Funny how these guys NEVER go under their real names)

    Has it in bad for an artist named Kirk Lindo who did Vamperotica and Luxura. I have no idea what went down but I delt with Lindo a few years back and had no problems at all. He was pretty straight forward. I also bought some Power Girl art from him that was really nice.

    Anyhoo, this MORGANZA! seems to be stuck in 1999. Yes 1999, Which when he had his situation. But he's posting it now. From what I can tell this is the only way that he can get anyone to even give a crap about him or any of his art.

    I work in I.T. and what this guy is doing is classic. See no one is out there looking for HIM online, so he'll pick an artist or a topic so he can get some eyes on his page.

    It's the same thing that tool Eric Powell is doing by going after Marvel & D.C. You see not many people give 2 craps about the goon compared to say MARVEL COMICS!!! The biggest comic company in the U.S.

    So he will get more eyes to look at him when he's tossin crap at Marvel.

    It works... In the short term, but what guys like Powell and Morganza don't know is that they lose more fans than they gain.

    Just wait, you'll see. I have a prediction!

    I figure that 1 or 2 years from now that Marvel & D.C. will be making MORE comics, MORE movies and expanded their empires. I promise you marvel or D.C. won't care a lick about Eric Powell. Meanwhile, Powell will still be bitchin and moanin about how crappy his Goon sales are. Or like he did in the latest Previews where now he's taking pot shots at Twilight. Either way, just to get attention he'll be taking pot shots at some other property that is more successful than his instead of focusing on making his book as good as it can be. I'll never read it or buy and neither will many other people because the guy comes off as a Jerk and has no idea how he just turns people off.

    And this Morganza dude. I figure he'll still be here on D.A. or Facebook of Blogspot taking about Lindo, Marvel or Tucci or Donald Duck or any one else he can think of just to get people to pay attention to him. Cause no one would even give him 2 seconds of screen time if he was just taking about his OWN art or Chracter or comic.

    There's another dude that I saw doing something like this and I'll drop my 2 cents about him as soon as I can.

    For now, the Morganza idiot wants to screw with ME now so I'll deal with that while I check out some cool art on D.A.

  6. Hey dude! Whats the next con that you're gonna be at. I really want to come to your table and fight through the crowd to get at some of that great art of yours! NOT!! But seriously. I'll be on the look out for you at the cons. I just gotta see what you like. I'll be the guy snapping a bunch of photos of you for my blog.

  7. Ilovemycomics is Kirk Lindo!

  8. But, Kirk the question is did you pay him? Cause you are doing a lot of name calling. Also why not post your real name, seems like you have a great deal of valid points to make....So did you pay him?

  9. Heh. Dead giveaway that ILove is the dude in question when he comes on a fervently defends his beloved artist/idol/lover Kirk. Tell me, you work in I.T. but you did some work for Lindo? What did you do, fix his laptop? Nah, you're him. And why would Morganza make up a story about some dude no one has ever heard of to draw atention to his own work. Seriously, Kirk who? The name means nothing to nobody. And by the way, I AM a Goon/Eric Powell fan so peddle your petty bullshit elswhere.

  10. Astromerc huh? or should I just call you MORGANZA? or one of MORGANZA pals sent here to do battle. Either way it doesn't matter. I will see what I can do to find out if MORGANZA was paid or not and why. It may take some time, My vacation is over this week and it's back to work on Monday. Forgive me if I'm not replying as quickly but I will definitely get some info for you. ASTROMORGANZA!

  11. LANCE!!! Hey How are you. Or should I AGAIN say MORGANZA or one of his buddies sent here to "fervently defend his beloved artist/idol/lover MORGANZA" Or a pal from the Chat room perhaps? Either way it doesn't matter. And yes ya got me, I very well might of done some work on his laptop. And "would MORGANZA make up a story to about some dude" I don't know, maybe not make it completely up, but at least leave out some details to make himself look so very noble and wounded by the dangerous world of freelancing. And you just HAPPEN to be a fan of the Goon? Well I'm sorry about the Goon rant, it was a bit much, from now on I'll just stick to YOU (oh sorry)... MORGAAANZA! The original statement was that there are two sides to a story. Well lets see shall we.

    more to come...

  12. Kirk I i'm not here to bust your balls. I came across this whole thing on ,so you may want to stop by and defend your self, or see where people are learning about you for the 1st time before you make new friends=). Again slow down on the name calling you sound awful.

  13. Who the fuck is Kirk Lindo and why should I care? Oh wait, he's a thief? Is he going for the infamous type of famous in comics? It seems to be pretty popular with guys that would never have a chance otherwise(See Rob Granito and Josh Hoopes). I like that this guy is comparing Kirk to Marvel in terms of popularity. That's some wishful thinking isn't, buddy? I think Kirk Lindo actually the one who stands to gain fans instead of Morganza. There is absolutely nothing wrong with calling out the scum that's out there, Morganza. These fucks will eat the industry from the inside out if no one stops them.

  14. Morgan Welborn ( Morganza ) has not been truthful about his claims!

    1. He has claimed that he did 30+ pages of art - THAT IS NOT TRUE!

    2. He has claimed that he is owed $3000.00 - THAT IS NOT TRUE!

    3. He has claimed to others that he did 35+ pages of art - THAT IS NOT TRUE!

    4. He has claimed to others that he is owed $6000.00 - THAT IS NOT TRUE!

    5. He has claimed to others that his art was stolen - THAT IS NOT TRUE!

    Please read on. -

  15. First of all there was no indication of Kirk Lindo being unhappy with my work, verbally or my letter. You cannot fire someone with silence! The last letter Lindo is referring to is him explaining how business is down and he is force for close down, file for bankruptcy.

    Second, we had an agreement that I would be paid for every pin up sold on Ebay, I have a copy of every pin-up I sent Kirk Lindo, don't care if he published them or not. The total is 31.

    The BBB claim is was a lot, partly because I was enraged at how I was treated by Kirk Lindo, BBB is completely useless in this matter.

    The 10 pin-ups that had to be completed, you mean INKED, since I just sent pencils. Which you said wasn't a problem to begin with. How did this create problems exactly, I sent you everything ahead of deadline.

    I do have to admit how much of an Idiot i had to be to sign that contract with you, It totally removes any favor to the artist, like an Idiot I expected to be treated with some respect providing content for your books and thanks for posting it cause it will be used to teach others what to look for and also how you operate.

    Kirk Lindo took advantage of the contract he created, by design. To suddenly decide the work was unsatisfactory but still publish it is beyond despicable. This is the first I've heard from Lindo since 2000, as I have tried relentlessly.

    I'm not asking for money here either, I just want everyone to know what a low life scumbag you are.